Choosing a rug for your home

When choosing an area rug for your home, you should consider the look and feel that you wish to create as well as the purpose of the rug, the size of the area, the existing décor and the shape of the area rug that will complement your décor. Your lifestyle and budget are also determining factors in the type of area rug that you buy.

The purpose of an area rug can help you decide on the size and style of the rug; a rug can be used as a runner to protect your hardwood or ceramic flooring while adding warmth underfoot or

it may be more of a decorative element to showcase your furniture or you may want it to be the focal point of the room or bring together an open floor plan.

The size of the area where you want the rug can determine the size of the rug; a rug that is too large can be overpowering and look awkward while a rug that is too small can be lost. Small rugs can define areas within a room – a reading chair or in front of a fireplace or a particular piece of furniture or at the entry to your home while large rugs bring the whole room together, especially a large room, and accent all the furnishings.

As for the colour of the rug, you should consider the colour scheme of your home and if the rug will be a focal point of the room or blend in with the décor. Light colours and simple patterns can make the room feel more spacious while darker colours with ornate or dense patterns can make a room more cozy.

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