Facts about bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is rapidly becoming a popular choice for residential floors; not only is it one of the hardest woods used for flooring, but also it is an environmentally friendly product that is aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to stand up the rigors of family life. It is important, though, to understand the characteristics of the product in order to maintain your bamboo floors to retain the beauty, elegance and permanence of your floors.

There are different species of bamboo but the most common used for bamboo flooring is Moso and comes primarily from plantations in Vietnam and China where responsible methods of harvesting are used. A perennial grass, bamboo is a fast growing plant that grows at a rate of two to three feet a day, reaching maturity in three to four months but requires five to seven years to achieve full strength whereas traditional hardwood trees take 60 to 70 years.

Unlike other hardwood flooring, bamboo does not react to extreme changes in temperature, humidity and moisture and is less susceptible to expansion and contraction, making it a versatile flooring material. The flooring is constructed of rectangles of bamboo that are glued together horizontally or vertically as well as strand-woven, a new process where strands of bamboo are saturated with an adhesive and bonded together under pressure.

The raw materials and finishes used to make bamboo flooring vary from one manufacturer to another and can affect the quality of the finished product. One of the most durable and longest lasting finishes for bamboo flooring is aluminum oxide.

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