The maintenance of natural stone.

The color, texture and unique characteristics of natural stone add beauty and warmth to your home. Natural stone is an investment that will serve you well for many years but it does require regular care to maintain its surface and finish.

Unlike man-made materials like ceramic and porcelain, natural stone is a product of nature and includes slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone. Natural stone comes from slabs that are cut from quarried blocks then fabricated into the final product.

Natural stone is durable but can be quite porous so the first step in caring for your natural stone floor or countertop is to have it professionally sealed as soon as it is installed, then every year after. The sealer soaks into the stone to prevent staining, reduce build up of moisture and make it easier to clean.

Acidic or chemical products as well as wine, juice, vinegar, milk, tea and coffee can etch or stain the surface of natural stone. Even your everyday grooming products like soap, shampoo, perfume and aftershave can etch natural stone.

Clean up spills right away and sweep or vacuum natural stone floors on a daily basis. To clean or polish natural stone, use a cotton cloth or mop to avoid scratching the surface and dry-mop as often as you can.

Placing soft pads under furniture will prevent scratching the surface and furniture should be lifted when moving it. Place mats at the entrance to your home to minimize the amount of sand, dirt and grit that can scratch the surface of your floor.

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