Tips on maintaining your carpeting

While carpeting is a versatile, practical and fashionable floor covering that can complement your home’s décor, quality carpeting can be expensive. However, regular maintenance of your carpet will not only protect your investment but also extend the life of your carpet.

Advancements in the manufacture of carpeting have contributed to the durability and quality of carpet with a selection of products to protect carpeting. Many carpet products today feature such technology as STAINMASTER that resists stains, OdourAct for odor control, Stain Shield for soil and stain protection or SmartStrand, the latest technology that offers permanent stain protection built into the carpet fibers that resists even discoloration from bleach.

Despite these features, though, you still have to maintain your carpet regularly to ensure its long-lasting beauty. The best way to retain the comfort and durability of your carpet is to vacuum it at least once a week before it becomes soiled to protect the carpet’s fibers from damage caused by dirt embedded in the pile and wear caused by everyday traffic.

Inevitably, something will be spilled on your carpet and will require quick action before a stain can set and affect the look of your carpet. To remove liquids spilled on your carpet, soak up as much of the liquid as possible by blotting the stain with a towel then apply a colour-safe stain remover on the spill and again use the blotting process to clean up the liquid.

In addition to your routine cleaning, consider having your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on traffic and such factors as frequency of vacuuming and the color of your carpet. A professional cleaning will remove ground in dirt and soil, helping to restore the original beauty of your carpet.

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