When is it time to replace your floor?

Nealy’s Flooring in Kitchener, Ontario, has been helping area residents find the perfect floor for over 30 years. Sometimes Nealy’s customers are unsure whether they want to replace their home’s floors or attempt to refinish them.

It may be that you have been staring at your floors for a while and aren’t happy with them, and are debating whether you should do something about it. In the case of wood floors, you might wonder whether refinishing would do the trick.

If it’s tile, some repairs might be in order. Then again, your floors may be out of style in addition to being in poor condition, so a replacement may be called for. How do you know what to do, and when?

In the case of wood, it is always far less expensive to refinish your floors than replace them. In that respect, you have to consider factors such as your budget, how much you like the wood you have now, and how old it is.

While you may lean toward refinishing for its monetary savings, if your hardwood floor is very old and has been refinished a number of times already, it is likely best to replace it outright. As well, if you prefer a different size of planks or want them running in a different direction, a new floor is required.

One advantage replacing a floor has over refinishing it is that it will probably take less time. Refinishing a floor is also a messy, smelly and inconvenient process that can take almost a week, during which time you can’t use your floor.

A new floor installation, in contrast, can be faster and less messy, but a lot depends on your personal situation.

Other types of floors also have their own unique considerations, so it’s best to get the kind of advice that the experts at Nealy’s Flooring can give you, no matter what your flooring situation is.

Whether your project involves engineered wood, ceramics, carpeting, vinyl or any other kind of flooring, the team of experts stands ready to help you every step of the way, while offering you the best leading brands at the lowest possible prices.

They want to be sure you end up with the perfect floor, and have everything you need to bring that about. Drop in to their large flooring showroom at 500 Bingemans Centre Drive in Kitchener, or call them at 519-570-0008. You can also email nealysflooring@bellnet.ca.

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